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The Power of Psychedelics

Edit the story within

Edit is the first integrative mental health practice using breakthrough therapies in psychedelics and virtual reality to heal trauma and connect in community.

The Editing Process

How does it work? By empowering patients to define a new personal meaning with connection and deep healing. Edit is a fully customizable program that begins with an in-depth hour-long medical consultation. Our medical team will evaluate your past practices, present state, and future intentions so we can personalize a long-term care plan that is right for you. Starting at $450, we customize pricing and programs according to your needs.

A Psychedelic Catalyst

Ketamine is an FDA-approved psychedelic medication and fast acting treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental health conditions. With a 60-90% efficacy in treatment resistant patients, ketamine has a robust and rapid effect on depression. Ketamine possesses the ability to ‘reset the system’ and open the mind to new connections. Regrowth + reconnection = reset. When combined with ongoing therapy to solidify these new neural pathways, this innovative treatment produces effective and lasting results.

VR Group Therapy

There’s a whole science behind engaging our social brain. VR group therapy brings perspective and acceptance to the process of self-discovery and expands channels of communication through anonymity. In The Edit Room, feelings of isolation are replaced by connection and acceptance.

Anxious about sharing your identity? Here, you’re simultaneously anonymous and seen. You exist and interact as an avatar—your virtual blueprint. A physical boundary keeps you stationary, but the possibilities to heal are boundless.

This is where healing happens.

A Different Approach

Just like our existence, Edit is multidimensional. We exist IRL, with patient-provider relationships rooted in human connection care, as well as virtually in a VR space designed for therapy. The past few years fast-tracked an already increasingly digitized and isolating lifestyle, solidifying the importance of creating immersive yet instinctive ways to connect with one another and with ourselves.

Edit was born from this awakening—an interactive environment for people to gather with purpose to heal trauma and create a new narrative. With rates of anxiety and depression continuing to rise, EDIT is granting control over changing how our mind works, with the help of psychedelic medicine and VR. At a time where approval is constantly being sought for the wrong reasons, Edit gives patients permission to choose a different approach.

By enabling patients to control lighting, sound, and landscape, a personalized journey begins - connected to emotion, moving past trauma, and carving out new goals.
"Working with Edit in my ketamine treatment journey has been phenomenal. After having my first experience, my depression and anxiety have lessened significantly and overall I feel better about myself and the world around me. I would highly recommend Edit and ketamine therapy to anyone looking to start a personal journey. The weekly group therapy session has also aided in my journey. Discussing how this treatment has helped us all as individuals has been eye opening." Lizzie
"This was my first psychedelic experience of any kind, and I only have positive things to say. The ketamine cut through the muck of my mind's day-to-day thought processes and provided space for genuine clarity on some big topics....all while sending me into a different universe. Expectations entirely exceeded." Jonathan
"The treatment with Edit thus far has been among the most uniquely beneficial endeavors I've ever experienced. My last two years have been filled with the very purposeful seeking of growth, and Edit opened the door for its heightened continuance. I've no reference for other psychedelics, but Ketamine proved to be very gentle - taking me on a blissful journey of introspection and new perspectives. I've nothing but the highest praise for the team, the treatment, and experience as a whole." Holland
"Just two minutes in the VR Edit Room and I felt a feeling of pure serenity come over me." Dara
"Ketamine provided the shift I needed to see my depression and grief from a different perspective. Group therapy solves for the loneliness I feel and provides a space where connection of shared trauma is fostered." Amy
Edit’s fully customizable and reactive avatars were designed with consideration for anonymity, communication, inclusivity, accessibility, and functionality. They show how you’re feeling and move in response to voice. Avatars are the conduit through which patients experience their sense of belonging and gain access to greater perspectives and support, both of which make VR group therapy so effective.

Customize your experience

Not everyone shares the same taste—and rarely do your aesthetic choices line up with your therapist’s (and that’s putting it nicely). Here, your ideal virtual world is quite literally at your fingertips. Not only can you choose your view, the sounds you hear, and even the weather, Edit also incorporates color theory into your experience. Every design detail based in color theory and frequency science impacts your brain’s emotional response. Not only do different colors evoke different emotions, they have the power to shift us into different mindsets and moods.

Think of it as ‘system preferences’ for your soul. Edit’s multi-sensory, highly personalized dashboard allows you to curate the ideal therapy experience to ground and motivate you. Tuning attention, focus and comfort levels, you can customize your environment, track your progress, and interact with others using the heads-up display.

Ketamine and VR can reset and open the mind to new connections, allowing us to process trauma and rewrite our inner narrative. We provide patients with a long-term, high-touch, guided solution that is rooted in the science of psychedelics, connection, and community in a beautifully immersive VR space.

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Circadian Rhythm

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Windy Day

Starting at $550

We don’t subscribe to the ‘one size fits all’ mentality. We customize pricing and programs according to your needs.

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How do I prepare for my ketamine experience?

Before you begin your ketamine experience please follow the following instructions. 

  • Fast 4-6 hours prior to your ketamine experience.
  • Login to your client portal to access the timer and music playlist.
  • Use the restroom before starting.
  • Take the anti-nausea medication 15 minutes prior to starting your experience (if needed).
  • Sitter or sensor will record blood pressure every 30 minutes for 2 hours.
  • Hold the medication in your mouth for a total of 10-12 minutes. Then swallow. 
  • Let the medication dissolve fully in your mouth holding it under your tongue. A small sip of water can help if needed. 

How much do your programs cost?

Our programs are personalized based on your individual needs. Programs start at $150 for group therapy and $400 for one ketamine experience. Our at-home concierge longevity program starts at $1500.

Why do I need a sitter or travel nurse to be present?

Due to the dissociative nature of ketamine and possible side effects, we require either our traveler nurse or an adult sitter to be present with our clients for the duration of each experience to assist them with anything they may need during that time - fetching them more water, helping them to the bathroom, or perhaps even monitoring the client’s blood pressure if needed (only for clients with high blood pressure).

What happens if I get dizzy or nauseous?

In light of the possibility of nausea, we do provide our clients with anti-nausea medication called Zofran. You are welcome to take this medication about 15 minutes prior to their ketamine experience. Fasting for a few hours prior and staying very well hydrated throughout the experience can greatly minimize the risk of nausea. 

Are there any other side effects I should be concerned about?

Patients commonly feel tired following a ketamine experience. Side effects usually dissipate within a few hours and are completely gone by the following day. There are no known long-term or permanent side effects of ketamine therapy when administered with a responsible clinician or sitter in a therapeutic setting.

What do I do after my ketamine experience?

Following your ketamine experience please follow the following instructions. 
  • Complete your Experience Tracker in the app.
  • After your experience, take some time to journal your thoughts and reflect. 
  • Your medical team will review this and send you a message regarding the plan for your next experience. 
  • Reply to your medical team with any questions.
  • Book your VR group therapy session for the next two weeks to start to solidify the positive effects of the experience. 
  • Bring your journal notes to bring to your VR therapy sessions.

Which mood disorders can ketamine help?

The actions of ketamine have profoundly changed depression research, and our understanding of the very nature of depression, neuroplasticity and regeneration of damaged neurons and synaptic pathways. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the degree of relief can vary.

  • Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD) 
  • Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)
  • Bipolar depression (the depressed phase of bipolar disorder)
  • Post-partum depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Suicidal Thoughts (Suicidal Ideation)
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Addiction
  • Sexual Abuse Trauma

Edit is a platform that provides services to affiliated psychiatric medical practices which are independently owned and operated, and in no way owns, directs, or controls the mental healthcare clinicians providing care. Call, text, or chat 988 to get immediate help.
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Patient Consent for Medical Treatment

SCOPE: This Patient Consent for Medical Treatment applies to your or your dependents receipt of health care services from EZAD Health, a California professional corporation (“EDIT”). For purposes of this Patient Consent for Medical Treatment, “Providers” are licensed healthcare practitioners such as physicians, nurse practitioners, or registered nurses employed, contracted or otherwise engaged by EDIT.

AUTHORIZATION FOR TREATMENT: You authorize EDIT and its Providers to provide assessment, diagnostic or treatment services deemed necessary by EDIT and its Providers for your condition. You consent to assessment, diagnostic and treatment services related to behavioral and psychiatric disorders and conditions, including but not limited to individual and group therapy, prescription drug therapies, and other diagnostic and treatment services that you discuss with your Providers. You acknowledge that EDIT and the Providers have not and cannot make any guarantees about the results of your treatment. You understand that as part of requesting healthcare from EDIT, your Providers may electronically request your medical history and that such history may become part of your medical record at EDIT.

TELEHEALTH: You understand that assessment, diagnosis and treatment services may be furnished via telehealth or technology. Telehealth services are provided through several technologies, including audio and video technology; text-based communication; and remote monitoring. You agree that the use of these technologies is appropriate for your condition. You acknowledge that there are risks associated with the use of these technologies, such as: the information transmitted may be less comprehensive than that available from an in-person visit and result in decreased accuracy of diagnosis or medical decision-making; delays in medical evaluation or treatment could occur due to deficiencies or failures of the telehealth equipment; and security protocols could fail, causing a breach of privacy. By signing this Patient Consent, you agree to accept the risks associated with telehealth services.

GROUP THERAPY: If recommended by your Provider, you consent to participate in group therapy. You understand that you may learn the full names of group members, and you agree not to disclose their names, nor seek out any information about group members (e.g., using a search engine or social media), or contact them outside of group. If you wish not to show your full name during group therapy, you agree to ask the group leader how to change your display name if you do not know how to do it. You understand that you need to have access to the appropriate technology to participate in group therapy, including a secure internet connection, rather than public or free Wi-Fi). For video sessions, you agree to be in a room where there is good lighting, keep the video steady by either placing your computer on a hard surface or leaning your phone against something sturdy, and keep your camera on throughout the entirety of the session. You must be in a private location that is free from disruptions, where you will be alone and can speak freely, and where others will not see the screen, or hear the conversations of the group. Your group facilitation sessions will currently be proctored by a licensed practitioner.

NO EMERGENCY SERVICES: EDIT does not provide emergency medical services. You understand that you should not seek care from EDIT if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

REVOCATION: You may revoke this consent at any time by emailing a written revocation notice to

QUESTIONS: You may reach out to 424-363-8440 for questions and additional assistance. By way of your electronic signature, you agree that you have read and understand the above Patient Consent for Medical Treatment. Your further certify that you are of lawful age and legally competent to consent on your own behalf.

Have you had any experiences with psychedelics?
Please sign the informed consent for ketamine treatment. This will allow you to receive ketamine provided the medical team finds you are eligible. (Full legible signature is required)

Informed Consent for Ketamine Treatment

SCOPE: This consent form contains information about the use of subanesthetic ketamine therapy for the treatment of depression and other psychiatric illnesses.


Ketamine is approved by the FDA for anesthesia and sedation during medical procedures. Since its approval in 1970, Ketamine has been commonly used in operating rooms and emergency departments. The use of Ketamine in lower, subanesthetic doses to treat depression is a newer, “off-label” use of Ketamine. It is usually used after other treatments have been unsuccessful. While Ketamine is not formally approved by the FDA for this use, there are now many studies that demonstrate it may be an effective and rapid treatment option for multiple disorders including major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, and substance use disorder.


Ketamine can be given as an intravenous (IV) injection or drip, intramuscular (IM) injection, or nasal spray. You will remain awake and able to talk during the procedure, but your perception and mental state will likely be altered by the Ketamine. You will return to a normal mental state as the immediate medication effects wear off.

You may ask your provider any questions you may have concerning the procedure or effects of Ketamine at any time. Your consent to receive Ketamine may be withdrawn by you and you may discontinue your participation at any time up until the actual dose has been administered.

Contraindications to Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine therapy should not be used in patients with the following: • Pregnancy or breastfeeding mother • Uncontrolled high blood pressure • Untreated hyperthyroidism • Prior hypersensitivity or negative reaction to ketamine Possible Side Effects The side effects of Ketamine may depend on the dose and frequency of treatments, and may include: • Blurred vision, uncomfortable vision, double vision, rapid eye movements, elevation of intra-ocular pressure (feeling of pressure in the eyes). • Slurred speech • Anorexia • Mental confusion, excitability, anxiety • Diminished ability to see, hear or feel objects accurately including one’s own body • Nausea, vomiting, and aspiration • Elevation of pulse or blood pressure • Impaired balance and coordination • Sleepiness • Headaches • Ketamine may worsen certain psychotic symptoms in people who suffer from schizophrenia or other serious mental disorders including severe personality disorders. • Ketamine can bring up traumatic memories, may cause you to re-experience past traumas or force you to look at parts of yourself that may be uncomfortable. Potential for Ketamine Abuse and Physical Dependence Ketamine belongs to the same group of chemicals as phencyclidine (PCP or angel dust). This group of chemical compounds is known Arylcyclohexylamines and are classified as hallucinogens. Ketamine is a controlled substance and is subject to Schedule III rules under the Controlled Substance Act of 1970. Medical evidence regarding the issue of drug abuse and dependence suggests that Ketamine’s abuse potential is equivalent to that of phencyclidine and other hallucinogenic substances. Ketamine and other hallucinogenic compounds do not meet criteria for chemical dependence since they do not cause tolerance and withdrawal symptoms. However, “cravings” have been reported by individuals with the history of heavy use. In addition, Ketamine can have effects on mood (feelings), cognition (thinking) and perception (imagery) that may make some people want to use it repeatedly. Therefore, Ketamine should never be used except under the direct supervision of a licensed physician. Safety Precautions You agree to abide by the following safety precautions while undergoing Ketamine therapy: • Do not eat or drink for at least six hours before a treatment session. • Report all prescription and non-prescription drugs that I am taking to my physician and discuss whether they should be continued or discontinued during Ketamine treatment (especially any narcotic pain relievers, benzodiazepines, sleeping pills, barbiturates, and muscle relaxers). • Do not drive a car, operate hazardous equipment, engage in hazardous activities or make any important decision for the remainder of the day following Ketamine treatment. • Refrain from use of alcohol or other sedating substances for 6 hours prior to, and for 6 hours after Ketamine treatment. Monitoring It is essential that you be monitored closely during and after Ketamine treatments. You acknowledge and agree that a sitter must be present during your Ketamine treatments and you will not take the medication without your sitter being present. Post-treatment you will complete an experience questionnaire as close to the end of your treatment as possible, and your sitter may be helpful in completing this questionnaire.


By signing this form, you agree to the following:

1. You agree to follow any direct instructions given to you by the EDIT staff to prepare you for Ketamine treatment.

2. You agree to have a sitter present during the treatment and to not administer the medication alone.

3. You agree to remain at the location of the session until your sitter presses “stop” on the experience tracker and decides you are ready to move around again.

4. You have fully read this informed consent form describing Ketamine therapy and agree to its terms.

5. You have had the opportunity to ask questions and have received satisfactory answers concerning Ketamine therapy.

6. You understand the risks and benefits of Ketamine therapy.

7. You understand that you may withdraw from Ketamine therapy at any time. 8. You voluntarily consent to participate in Ketamine assisted therapy as outlined in this form and under the conditions indicated in it.

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